Gary Vaynerchuk Explains: How Marketing Works

WHEREVER PEOPLE ARE PAYING THE MOST ATTENTION, MARKETERS WILL BE THERE TO RUIN IT. WHETHER IT WAS EMAIL ONCE UPON A TIME OR SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY, THERE IS OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEW SPACES THAT CREATE ATTENTION. watch all of my short motivational films HERE:… — MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING: Whether it’s radio, television, Facebook, Groupon, Living Social, Snapchat, or even email, once enough attention is being given to a particular platform, marketers come along and ruin the sh*t out of it. It’s just the way it goes, and that’s okay. See, the thing is, if you want to get people’s attention you need to follow their eyes and ears. What are people interested in today and why? Once marketers can figure out those reasons, it’s their turn to come in and interrupt the experience. They need to find out where the attention is and swoop in. If you don’t get in or don’t play properly (read: natively) within that platform, then you’re going to lose. Period. The truth is, this has been happening forever. So the question here is, can you move first? How savvy is your radar and how quick can you beat the competition to the market? Move first and extract the most value from the marketplace’s attention, until the rest of the marketers come in and ruin that location. This isn’t anything new and it’s going to continue until attention remains a thing. It’s just a matter of time because no platform is sacred – and that’s okay.

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